Tasty tours is a progressive dining experience where the diner will be guided to at least 5 restaurants and will partake generous samples of unique items from each place with leisurely walking between destinations. Along the way, we will share tidbits of local history, culture and fun food facts in a lighthearted and entertaining manner. It has been said before that "to understand an areas culture one must experience that areas food because food and culture go hand-in-hand". A walking food tour allows one to experience a taste and feel for several restaurants during one guided meal. Imagine going from a small little mom-and-pop diner that may have been  overlooked otherwise to award-winning restaurants and several categories in between. Our tour guide will introduce the participant to the area and help bring return business to our stops along the way.

Tasty Tours will make its debut tour in Gulfport, MS with our Historic Downtown Gulfport tour. Currently, we offer our Historic Downtown Gulfport tours. It is our goal to expand to all coastal cities (Bay St. Louis, MS coming soon!) and also explore different avenues in the culinary tour business, we hope to work hand-in-hand with local chefs to continue to provide unique and constantly changing experiences to promote our local economy.  We will also be sharing our local dinning experiences periodically via website and social media.

We would like everyone to know that we can schedule group tours and private tours as well! Our current group sizes range from 2 to 12 people. Although, with adequate notice we could arrange for more participants!